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This link will take you to my professional Science Illustration Portfolio.
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I'm "Frodo Baggins" for the One Ring Circus and the Prancing Pony Players.  Come see what's going on with the group and my costume!
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These are my (ancient) fantasy illustrations...
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I sail with the Tales of the Seven Seas, on the Royaliste.  This page has photos of our battle against the Lady Washington (the Interceptor from Pirates of the Caribbean)!
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Assorted blackmail photos from a long-ago LARP - some old college friends will enjoy them, at least!
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My random ramblings can be found in Scendan's Live Journal
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Email Me!
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Welcome to the central hub for Carolyn Staehle's extremely eclectic webpages!  I've got a number of hobbies and each of the pictures on this page is a portal to one of them.  Have fun browsing.  Commission a painting!  Ask a question about costuming!  (I won't be able to answer very well, unless it's about hobbit ears or feet, but hey...ask anyway!)  Drop me an email!  Really.  I'm harmless!

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I've got assorted links stored here to all sorts of oddball stuff...